Mission Impossible 2: “Les Rois de pétrole” 8b+

Agents Nina & Marv confirmed!

Hello, here speaks the team leader. We´ve reason to belief that there´s existing highly dangerous group of people, self-consituted and from insiders known as “Les Rois de pétrole” (oil kings), threaten the lives of many climbers…

Your mission is to eliminate this criminal organisation. Good luck!


Hello teamleader. Here´re speaking special agents Nina Gmiter and “Marv” Marvin Winkler. Mission completed!!!

“Les Rois de pétrole” threatened climbers lives not only through pumped forearms but also with hard cruxes and powerful moves. We needed to use all our Rambo power to fight against them. As additional and unexpected threat they used slipery conditions (probably that´s why they are called oil kings) killing every climbers sending hopes in a brutal way. Luckyly we had our secret weapon, Metolius super chalk with us…

We fighted hard against this organisation in a bottom-to-top way, finally killing the chief of the organisation by clipping the top anchor!

Next mission: choosed and accepted! But we can neither confirm nor deny any informations.


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