Location: Spain – Catalonia – L´Alt Urgel – Oliana



International well known climbing area with many  world-famous high-end routes. Typically are the up to 50m long middle-overhanging routes at perfect grey tufarock.

How to get there:

In the village of Oliana exit the C14 and take „Carrer Josep Escaler“. Keep on following this small street through fields and over a bridge till the small village of „Tragó“. Follow the main road uphill in direction of the visible crack. Just bevore the hotel „Can Boix“ turn right on the dirt road and go on till the parking directly below the crack. Don´t park Your car in the entry of the fields. From the parking place a good visible path is leading uphill to the crack (10min.)

GPS: N 42.076480 E 1.287888

If You want the avoid the long journey by car, going there by plane could be a option. Many airlines offer low-cost flights to Barcelona. From Barcelona airport it takes about 2h going to Oliana by car. In Spain rental cars are offered for a low price (about 10€/day), meaning going there by plane could be even less expensive.


There are many nice parking bays located at the road between the village „Tragó“ and the hotel „Can Boix“. If You have a car/van/motorhome with sleep accommodation it´s very comfortable to stay there.

Otherwise there are nice holiday apartments to rent in the village of Organyà, called „Cal Rafelo“.


Many food stores in Oliana.

Just after the bridge from Oliana to Tragó is a fountain located at the right side downstairs. Probably it´s no drinking water.

Climbing equipment:
The nearest climbing shop is located in Andorra.

You can buy the Guidebook “Lleida Climbs” at the bar “Can Palau” in Oliana.

Best time:

Basically from oktober till april; Good conditions are most frequent from febrauary till april.

Unfortunately very good conditions are rare. Due to the south-eastern orientation there´s shade not untill midafternoon. Additionally, the rock stays still warm from the sun, meaning that there could be only little time left with good conditions bevore it´s getteing dark.

Type of rock:


Type of climbing:

Up to 50m high, slighly overhanging routes are typical. The lower part of orange coloured rock is usually more overhanging but also has better holds. In the upper part of fantastic grey limestone is often waiting a crimpy crux …

Nearby climbing areas: 

Fígols (20km), Tres Ponts (28km)


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