Location: Spain – Catalonia – Pallars Jussa – Terradets



There are only a few climbing areas that offert that high number of routes in upper 7th and lower 8th frenchgrade. Sector Regina is due to its north side orientation excelent for warmer days, while in south side Sector Bruixes You can enjoy climbing perfectly on sunny-cold winterdays.

How to get there:

From Tremp drive C13 southwards in direction of Balaguer. At the End of the big barrier lake just after a tunnel turn of left on a small road.

Sector Regina:
There is a big parking place at the right site just a few hundret meters after the turn.
GPS: N 42.045722 E 0.891827
Cross the C13. A few meters downhill below the railway bridge starts a small hiking trail. Follow the hiking trail and at the detrital field follow a small path (signed with cairns) leading up at first at these detrital fields steep uphill to the already visible crack.(30-40min.)

Sector Bruixes:
Follow the small road. Leave Your car just bevore or behind the dam.
GPS: N 42.048606 E 0.894080
Just behind the dam are metal rungs to climb up the cliff. Then follow the path to the always very good visible crack. (10min.)


Follow the C13 further in direction of Balaguer. After about 1,5km there is a parking place at the right site with spring (very good drinking water quality) and nice parking places where, it´s very comfortable to stay if You have a car/van/motorhome with sleep accommodation.
GPS: N 42.035396 E 0.883816

If You follow the C13 in direction of Camarasa after a few kilometers there is a camping place on the right site. Camping Zodaic. But it is closed during winter times.


Many foodstores in Tremp.

At the described parking place, there is a spring with very good drinking water quality.

Climbing equipment:
The nearest climbing shop is located in Andorra.

You can buy the Guidebook “Lleida Climbs” at the bar “Can Palau” in Oliana.

 Best season:

Sector Regina:
Due to its almost northern orientation it´s perfect for warmer days in autumn/ spring.

Sector Bruixes:
Due to its almost southern orientation it´s perfect for cold winterdays or on cloudy days. On warmer days You can climb in shade in the morning and evening.

Type of rock:

Limestone, partly with tufas

Type of climbing:

Endurance climbing on slightly till moderate overhaning rocks. Typically are the many small tufas but there are also bigger ones.It takes getting used to climb in Sector Bruixes, because the rock is a bit slippery.

Nearby climbing areas: 

Collegats, Santa Linya (35km)

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