“At last but not least” by Marvin

20 routes between 8a and 8b/+  that´s the statement of my last 10 climbing days in Spain. The areas of Terradets and Collegats offered a sufficient number of routes 8a and harder

In numbers: 8 times 8a, 8 times 8a+, 3 times 8b and one time 8b/+.

BruixesIn words: L´adrecador (8a+), Alone (8a+), Senderismo extremo (8a+), Rollo Jabalí (8a/+), Hermes (8a), Mascaxapes (8a+),  Red Bull (8a), Tirabolts (8a+), La Diva (8a), 11?? (8a), Sense Estil (8a+), Revifalla (8a+), Trekking (8a+), Democracia (8b), 20?? (8b), 7?? (8a), Fil Dental (8b/+), El Petit Langot (8a), 10?? (8a), 25?? (8b)

Now it´s time to go home for … training! 😉

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