Nina did “El Repte”, 8a os!

Nina Gmiter (sponsored by Wild Climb, Heartbeat, Kw Warszawa, sended with “El Repte” her first 8a onsight!

Nina_el repte_8a_os

It´s impossible to stop this girl! Last year she did her first 8c, “Fisheye” in Oliana. This spring she´s in great shape, having done already 4 8a´s and harder in only 10 days. Among “El Repte” (8a) os!!! she did “Sense estil” (8a+) and “Alone” (8a+) in only a few tries as well as the super bouldery “La treva” (8a), all in Terradets.

Keep on rocking Nina!

Sponsors: Wild Climb, Heartbeat, Kw Warszawa,

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