“Top Secret” by Marvin

I´m writing in secret mission from northern spanisch backcountry. There are rumours in the wind that some climbing areas are hidden that are able to keep up with Oliana etc. in terms of rock quality.

I managed to mix unrecognized with spanish locals and to seek out 2 of them. Secretly I was able to take this snapshot, showing one of them.

Top secret

Among others, I was able to make out the big plan (el gran plan, 8b) together with decoding „QTP, 8b“. In consequence of good conditions it was easy to defend myself against pirates (Piraté light, 8b) and flying squirrels (la ardilla voladora, 8a+) and finally making out the catalan name of one of the areas in „la conesera, 8b+“ in order of not getting crucified (crosin, 8a) by „Putupalé, 8b“.

In order of not blowing my cover, please handle these informations in strict confidence. 😉

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