Joe Blau, 8c+ by Marvin

Yeaij! On 11/06 I did my first 8c+, Joe Blau in Oliana!!! A super nice line that reaches 50m dead straight to the top and is hard from the very first till the very last move. I started tryingit in spring for the first time, but had´nt been able to link the 25 super hard moves from the lower part in those days.

Joe Blau starts with a hard boulderproblem, that could be graded as fb 7c/+, followed by a good rest. After that, it´s all about linking the next 24 moves followed by a jump. To,link them turned out to be my „crux“; I wasn´t able to chalk a single time and had a skip 2 bolts in a raw, not beeing able to clip them. Till after the jump, it´s a very hard 8c, followed by a solid 8b+. Luckyly I did´nt fall at the crux at the very top anymore …

It was a great experience trying Joe Blau. And at last but not least it´s one of the best routes I´ve tried. Many thanks to everybody who supported me making this possible.

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