5th 8b+ during one month: Nina continues sending rush!

Nina Gmiter making headlines again by sending her already 5th 8b+ “Le feu occulte” during or one month rock trip.


The route is a 40m endurance test piece located at the impressive sector “La ramirole” at verdon gorge. After solving the tricky sequence right at the beginning of the route, the crux turned out to be a sequence of powerful moves in the lower part. Once she managed to stuck the powerful sequence from the ground, she fought her way through the very pumpy upper part clipping the top anchor with a loud shout of joy.

It´s a further sign showing her great shape and progress during last years. Last april she did her first 8a onsight “El repte” in Terradets after having done her first 8c, the famous “Fish eye” in Oliana. This summer she seams to be in even better shape, having done already 4 routes graded 8b+ in only a couple of tries.

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