Mission Impossible 3: “Dieu” 8b+

Agents Nina & Marv confirmed!

Hello, here speaks the team leader. There is existing an undefined power… on which many climbers refer, when trying to justify their weakness, mistakes and sending failures… Sentences like “Ohh my God, I´m so pumped!” resound at the crack as a typical example of giving away it´s own power and responsibility. Your mission is to convince climbers of their own abilities and self-efficacy as well as giving them back their believe of their own power.
Good luck!


Hello teamleader. Here´re speaking special agents Nina Gmiter and “Marv” Marvin Winkler. Mission completed!!!

To complet our mission we choosed simple but efficiant strategy! Right in front of the eyes of many climbers we´ve been trying this route, letting them participate on hard work and good fights but also showed them how to overcome setbacks and disappointment, finally resulting into progress, fun and sending power! Even mentioned it was hard mission… a hard combination between hard cruxes and pumped forearms. After neither strong storm was able to blow nor super heavy rain was able to wash us out, good showed his anger sending as a super big thunderstorm. Frozen and wet to the skin we were braveing all forces of nature… finally sending the route!


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