Marvin sending “Joe-chulo” 8c+ in Oliana

Amazing feeling when everything comes together! Sending Joe-chulo in Oliana this spring was an unforgettable experience!

Joe-chulo is a new combination between the lower part of Joe Blau 8c+ and the upper part of Papichulo 9a+. Especially the upper part of Papichulo always catched my eyes when I walked up to the crack, making all the way up thought the perfect grey tufarock typically for Oliana. From having been the first time in Oliana it always has been my desire to climb it one day…


I already knew the lower part from sending Joe Blau, my first 8c+ back in 2014. I associated especially the lower part with slightly burning forearms due to it´s 25 hard moves without any possibility to rest in between… 😉 Back than I linked the challenging first half from Joe Blau only once (and thus didn´t wanted to let go in the upper part anymore) while this time I fortunately noticed a significant reduction of the commonly as “pump factor” known physical fatigue as well as a related significant decrease of the probability of occurrence p = P(E=send). However, the equation didn´t seemed to be correct concerning the upper part, featuring very far moves on bad holds not allowing me to do even the smallest mistake…

Suma summarum, when everything came together the feeling has been amazing! Enjoying climbing as well as spending time with fantastic people making it a unique experience! Many thanks for Jan Vincent Kleine for the great picture!

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