Video: Seb Bouin FA of “Mangarbo” 9a/+

During my trip to Villanueva del Rosario last spring I had the opportunity to accompany Seb Bouin with my camera while doing the FA of “Mangarbo” 9a/+. Congrats to Seb Bouin for this impressive FA. Seb Bouin is one of the world strongest climbers and it has been an exiting experience to be close to the action.

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Marvin climbing “MDMA” 8c+

MDMA represents the chiral chemical compound 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine. It belongs structurally to the group of amphetamines and is especially known as a partydrug (ecstasy)… (wikipedia). However,  on april, 29th, I found the right chemistry and climbed with “MDMA” an other dream line at one of the world bests sportsclimbing cracks: Villanueva …

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